King Kylie Reigns Supreme

Unfortunately I take full responsibility of my self-proclaimed title “Hypebeast.”

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAs a lover of all things trendy, it would be a sin at this point to not be completely in love with at least one member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. I just so happen to love two of them, but that is besides the point.
Kim has her children (Kanye included), Khloe has her denim line, Kourtney has her children (Scott included), and Kendall has her modeling career. What about Kylie?  For a while we knew where these socialites were headed career wise, but youngest sister Kylie hadn’t clearly branded herself until a few years ago.img_5393

Fast forward to today and Kylie Jenner is the second richest Kardashian-Jenner underneath trendsetter sister Kim Kardashian according to Forbes. With a cosmetics line comfortably under her belt, and a newly opened online clothing store, Kylie shows no signs of slowing down. Just yesterday, Kylie introduced the new highlighters that will be added to her cosmetics line via Snapchat. Momager Kris Jenner is no doubt the puppet master behind her daughter’s success and she continues to pull through for the entire family. Kylie has strategically placed her business to make the most amount of money while keeping the public’s interest.IMG_5388.JPG

Kylie is always keeping her fans (and haters) on our toes. Kylie and her team are PR pros. Every makeup drop is consistently sold out, her Instagram accounts are constantly updated with the newest product added to both her makeup and clothing lines, and her latest venture in pop up shops really set the bar for other celebrity socialites.

Kylie’s first pop up shop was located in California and her second in New York. I personally attended opening day in SoHo, Manhattan and it was quite memorable, but not for the right reasons. My contacts in the city were in line since 6:00 A.M opening day and didn’t enter the store until 7:00 that night. Yikes I would never.

By the time I got to the pop up shop it was 7:30 at night and the line was short. I searched for the end but saw it was cut off. After speaking to a few girls in line, I was informed that the line was closed for the day. Aggravated that i had spent $12 to get there and risked hypothermia, I took to twitter to release my frustrations. The store didn’t close until 9:00 P.M, whats the deal?


Sadly, Kylie does no wrong in my eyes so I made another trip into the city that Saturday for round 2. The line was long and we were informed that it would be a 4 hour wait so I made a new friend to help me pass the time. We were only allowed 20 minutes to shop and take a picture on the iconic bed inside the shop. 20 minutes? I rolled my eyes too. To my surprise, that was more than enough time. It was really crowded and the supplies were running out so it was better to get in and get out. I spent a hefty $78 on a shirt and hat. Was it worth that much? Probably not, but in Kylie we trust.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg


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