The Top 5 Online Stores You Should Be Shopping At

  1. ASOSAsos

Asos is an online UK fashion store for both men and women that was established in the year 2000. Asos claims you can shop from over 850 of the best brands, including ASOS’ own label. Plus, you can get your daily fix of the “freshest style, celebrity and music image1xlnews.” Asos ships free world-wide and has all of the delivery options of an American brand. Clothing is excellent quality and they offer simple return policies if there are any issues.

I personally bought a pair of chocolate brown suede Chelsea boots for a low price of $50. They are currently my favorite pair of shoes in my closet. Speaks for it’s self.





2. Disruptive Youth


Disruptive Youth was founded by model Savannah Montano. She is in charge of everything, from design to product modeling. Disruptive Youth is a “Young and Disruptive company with a mission – to be different , stay independent and help a new generation of 02-2people find inspiration to express their personal style.” This company definitely lives up to that mission statement. With a boasting 1M brand views a month, Disruptive Youth sells women’s clothing that ranges from swim suits and lingerie, to rings and high waisted shorts. This brand has a user friendly site that offers a clear visual and written description of all products being sold and is reasonably priced. I am obviously not a woman, but all of my female friends have been nothing but satisfied with Savannah’s products and it is hard to disagree that they are really cute clothes.


3. Common Culture


Common Culture is a lifestyle brand that sells products such as apparel, coffee, and music a4c56f2b-4cd4-46df-9ec4-b41893c23e80_2048x2048compilations. This brand was created by social media star Connor Franta. Connor puts
piece of him in everything he does, this brand included. From each stitch, to the label, Connor designs every product sold on this website. The clothes are aesthetically pleasing and really portray Connor as a person. If you are a fan of YouTubers or minimalism in general, this is the place to go. A nice side note is that all pieces on his website are unisex.



4. Alien Deco

logo.png is a Tumblr-esque online shop. This website looks like Odd Future stans and a Tumblr girl threw up on it. In the most attractive way possible of course. With a cheeky alien theme, this website can attractive everyone from all social backgrounds (or planets (; ). The clothes are very risqué and over the top, but don’t we all need an outfit like that every once in a while? If breaking the social barriers with your fashion choices really isn’t your thing, sells other products such as phone cases and home decor. The only negative about this website is their long 40 day (max) delivery time. One way to combat that is their partnership program. Alien Deco allows its users to apply as a partner and receive gift cards and awards in return for promos. Not bad, not bad.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.25.53 PM.png

5. Pink + Dolphin


Pink + Dolphin is not your average clothing brand. This brand was built on exclusivity. Each season has a limited supply of products to prevent saturation. Pink + Dolphin promotes positivity, pride, and creativity through their products. The pastels really attract me with this brand. The message and the prices also help. This is a purely menswear store, but hey, what even are gender norms?




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