Night at the museum

I had the luxury of gallery hopping in downtown Newark, New Jersey. There were a few of my favorite art pieces with a mix of some personal photography. I do not wish to release the name of the galleries because I would like to keep these gems private. I apologize in advance.


The Top 5 Online Stores You Should Be Shopping At

  1. ASOSAsos

Asos is an online UK fashion store for both men and women that was established in the year 2000. Asos claims you can shop from over 850 of the best brands, including ASOS’ own label. Plus, you can get your daily fix of the “freshest style, celebrity and music image1xlnews.” Asos ships free world-wide and has all of the delivery options of an American brand. Clothing is excellent quality and they offer simple return policies if there are any issues.

I personally bought a pair of chocolate brown suede Chelsea boots for a low price of $50. They are currently my favorite pair of shoes in my closet. Speaks for it’s self.





2. Disruptive Youth


Disruptive Youth was founded by model Savannah Montano. She is in charge of everything, from design to product modeling. Disruptive Youth is a “Young and Disruptive company with a mission – to be different , stay independent and help a new generation of 02-2people find inspiration to express their personal style.” This company definitely lives up to that mission statement. With a boasting 1M brand views a month, Disruptive Youth sells women’s clothing that ranges from swim suits and lingerie, to rings and high waisted shorts. This brand has a user friendly site that offers a clear visual and written description of all products being sold and is reasonably priced. I am obviously not a woman, but all of my female friends have been nothing but satisfied with Savannah’s products and it is hard to disagree that they are really cute clothes.


3. Common Culture


Common Culture is a lifestyle brand that sells products such as apparel, coffee, and music a4c56f2b-4cd4-46df-9ec4-b41893c23e80_2048x2048compilations. This brand was created by social media star Connor Franta. Connor puts
piece of him in everything he does, this brand included. From each stitch, to the label, Connor designs every product sold on this website. The clothes are aesthetically pleasing and really portray Connor as a person. If you are a fan of YouTubers or minimalism in general, this is the place to go. A nice side note is that all pieces on his website are unisex.



4. Alien Deco

logo.png is a Tumblr-esque online shop. This website looks like Odd Future stans and a Tumblr girl threw up on it. In the most attractive way possible of course. With a cheeky alien theme, this website can attractive everyone from all social backgrounds (or planets (; ). The clothes are very risqué and over the top, but don’t we all need an outfit like that every once in a while? If breaking the social barriers with your fashion choices really isn’t your thing, sells other products such as phone cases and home decor. The only negative about this website is their long 40 day (max) delivery time. One way to combat that is their partnership program. Alien Deco allows its users to apply as a partner and receive gift cards and awards in return for promos. Not bad, not bad.

Screen Shot 2017-03-10 at 2.25.53 PM.png

5. Pink + Dolphin


Pink + Dolphin is not your average clothing brand. This brand was built on exclusivity. Each season has a limited supply of products to prevent saturation. Pink + Dolphin promotes positivity, pride, and creativity through their products. The pastels really attract me with this brand. The message and the prices also help. This is a purely menswear store, but hey, what even are gender norms?



Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion

Before I made my move up north, I discovered that an event would be taking place at the Metropolitan Museum of Art from November 18th, 2016 through February 5th, 2017. This event would be an exhibit of donated fashion pieces from the past 10 years. The donations are from some of the most influential members of the fashion industry. The gallery was held in the Lizzie and Jonathan Tisch Gallery and was organized in chronological order. The collection is mostly women’s wear and is made of unconventional materials as you will see below. Each piece is accompanied by a wooden plaque that further explains the piece’s contribution to fashion. The iconic Anna Wintour hosted the opening night as a major contributor. The exhibit was honestly breathtaking.

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King Kylie Reigns Supreme

Unfortunately I take full responsibility of my self-proclaimed title “Hypebeast.”

Processed with VSCO with hb2 presetAs a lover of all things trendy, it would be a sin at this point to not be completely in love with at least one member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. I just so happen to love two of them, but that is besides the point.
Kim has her children (Kanye included), Khloe has her denim line, Kourtney has her children (Scott included), and Kendall has her modeling career. What about Kylie?  For a while we knew where these socialites were headed career wise, but youngest sister Kylie hadn’t clearly branded herself until a few years ago.img_5393

Fast forward to today and Kylie Jenner is the second richest Kardashian-Jenner underneath trendsetter sister Kim Kardashian according to Forbes. With a cosmetics line comfortably under her belt, and a newly opened online clothing store, Kylie shows no signs of slowing down. Just yesterday, Kylie introduced the new highlighters that will be added to her cosmetics line via Snapchat. Momager Kris Jenner is no doubt the puppet master behind her daughter’s success and she continues to pull through for the entire family. Kylie has strategically placed her business to make the most amount of money while keeping the public’s interest.IMG_5388.JPG

Kylie is always keeping her fans (and haters) on our toes. Kylie and her team are PR pros. Every makeup drop is consistently sold out, her Instagram accounts are constantly updated with the newest product added to both her makeup and clothing lines, and her latest venture in pop up shops really set the bar for other celebrity socialites.

Kylie’s first pop up shop was located in California and her second in New York. I personally attended opening day in SoHo, Manhattan and it was quite memorable, but not for the right reasons. My contacts in the city were in line since 6:00 A.M opening day and didn’t enter the store until 7:00 that night. Yikes I would never.

By the time I got to the pop up shop it was 7:30 at night and the line was short. I searched for the end but saw it was cut off. After speaking to a few girls in line, I was informed that the line was closed for the day. Aggravated that i had spent $12 to get there and risked hypothermia, I took to twitter to release my frustrations. The store didn’t close until 9:00 P.M, whats the deal?


Sadly, Kylie does no wrong in my eyes so I made another trip into the city that Saturday for round 2. The line was long and we were informed that it would be a 4 hour wait so I made a new friend to help me pass the time. We were only allowed 20 minutes to shop and take a picture on the iconic bed inside the shop. 20 minutes? I rolled my eyes too. To my surprise, that was more than enough time. It was really crowded and the supplies were running out so it was better to get in and get out. I spent a hefty $78 on a shirt and hat. Was it worth that much? Probably not, but in Kylie we trust.

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Yeezy Season 5 “Fashion Show”

If there is one thing  you should know about me its that I am S H A D Y (hence the quotation marks).

IMG_5311.JPG.jpegKanye West is no stranger to bad press. From iconic Grammy interruptions, to controversial lyrics and music videos, Mr. West takes the word “arrogant” in human form. Kanye West’s latest major business venture was his fashion line titled “Yeezy Season __.” Not the most creative name, but lets continue.

Kanye made the mistake of disrespecting the fashion industry during his Season 4 fashion show in New York City. The entire show was a train wreck from start to finish. The show started hours late, models were passing out from heat exhaustion, the security was completely unprofessional, transportation to and from the venue was uncomfortable, and his own wife showed up fashionably late with KUWTK cameras trailing not too far behind.



If there is one thing Kanye underestimated it would be his stake in the fashion industry. Yes he might be a Hip Hop icon due to his undeniable talent and number of years in the business, but those recognitions mean nothing in a completely different industry. After the mess of a fashion show editors and influencers took to twitter to vocalize their frustrations. West was so unprofessional that he was blacklisted from the official New York Fashion Week roster for February 2017. Apologies were not given, tensions were high, but fashion waits for no one. IMG_5313.JPG

Kanye might see his line as a hobby, but if he wants
to be taken seriously in this industry he has a lot of damage control to do. Even with famed Vogue Magazine editor Anna Wintour on his side.

Fast forward to today (2/15/17). The Yeezy Season 5 Fashion Show was held in NYC. I’m not saying Kanye needs me on his PR team, but I’m also not saying he doesn’t. The entire show lasted 13 minutes with no final bow at the end of it… Kanye is thorough, but leaves room for the imagination which could be both a good and bad thing. In a positive light, West could be allowing his art to speak for itself as a form of apology for his previous wrong doings. OR…. This brief event with no conclusion could be another arrogant move toward the fashion people that spoke against him. My mom told me if you have nothing nice to say don’t say it at all. Maybe he’s taking tips from Momager Kris Jenner or maybe he’s getting some common sense. Oh wait.. He’s a Trump supporter.



Snow Day

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Today work was cancelled for a snow day so here are some pictures that had me thinking about how much I miss warm weather and summer in general. Enjoy (:


No Ban! No Wall!


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My First Protest Experience

My Sunday morning started like any other college student. Yep, by doing the homework I had been putting off all week. After I pried myself off the bed, I did my morning ritual of checking the day’s trending hashtags on twitter. Battery Park was trending and I was almost 100% sure I had heard that name before. To my pleasant surprise I read there would be a protest at Battery Park in NYC due to “President” Trump’s executive order from earlier in the weekend. The rally started at 2PM so I finished eating (Chinese food of course), bundled up, and headed out the door. My cousin refused to go with me so this was a solo endeavor.


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I am still new to the city so I was a little hesitant to begin this journey alone, but as I got closer and closer to Battery Park my worries melted away. After a few wrong turns and a little bit of prayer I approached the park. Now this was a very important part of my trip. I heard the crowd before I saw the crowd. As I joined the rest of the crowd listening to the speakers, I felt a sense of belonging. I was a part of something bigger than myself supporting a cause I strongly believe in. Some signs were hilarious, and others were a little much, but that was expected.

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My father came to this country when he was 8 years old. If there was an immigration ban I would not be here today. You have to think about where you come from, where your family comes from. You have to realize your privilege and be eternally grateful to live in this beautiful country. As I stood alone in this crowd I thanked God for allowing me to be a citizen of a country that allows their people to protest and have free speech. We often take for granted things we have grown accustomed to. Fight for these rights and exercise those same rights because there are people and places that do not allow this.


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The energy was amazing and I am glad I could be a part of history. I will definitely be at the next protest. Maybe with enough time to prepare a sign. Be on the right side of history folks. See you next week.

The 5 “W’s” of the #WomensMarch


This past weekend a very inspirational movement took place all around the globe. I’m sure the “Women’s March on Washington” would have been more appropriately named the “International Women’s March” if the group would have known about the insane turn out of protestors beforehand. Women are huge role models in my life. I am the youngest and only boy who lived in a household with three older sisters and a mother who raised us all.

I worship women.

They are our teachers, our nurses, our mothers. Not to be completely stereotypical, but these are vital roles in all societies. Women mean so much to me and this movement meant even more. So what even is the Women’s March on Washington?

Who: You guessed it! Women! Well, women and the men who support them and their cause.

What: The #WomensMarch is a political march.

Where: Washington D.C. (Would actually become a world-wide effort)

When: Saturday, January 21, 2017. The rally began at 10:00am and ended at 1:15pm. The protestors began marching at 1:15pm.

Why: Taken straight from the Women’s March  website,, is the following message regarding their mission: “We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.””This march is the first step towards unifying our communities, grounded in new relationships, to create change from the grassroots level up. We will not rest until women have parity and equity at all levels of leadership in society. We work peacefully while recognizing there is no true peace without justice and equity for all.”

The publication “Vox” reports this was the largest demonstration in U.S history with over 3.3 million participants.

I was unforunately unable to attend this historical moment, but the work is far from finished. I encourage everyone reading to stand up for what you believe in even if you stand alone. I will see you at the next rally.